The Three Star’s of Yakupov’s Celebration

I really love Nail Yakupov right now. The kid is lighting it up for the Oilers at the moment and trolling every Good Canadian Boy™ in the process.  Its fantastic.

Last night Yak scored the OT winner against the Coyotes (who are possibly in the midst of the worst 48 hour period any NHL franchise has been through) and called his teammates over for the celebration.  The resulting photo was awesome.


3rd Star: Nail Yakupov

Congrats on the GWG, N-Ya (pronounced: Enya). While I appreciate the troll job on the celly (CELLY CELLY CELLY CELLY), you look like a teenager who just crapped his pants at the prom. If you’re going to do this winning thing often, get some celebration reps in in practice.

2nd Star: Oilers Fan

You, sir, have earned this moment.  You endured a losing team for a long time and stuck with them through it all.  Now that the team has some great talent, you’re being rewarded for your faith.  I hope you shittalked every Coyotes fan on the way out, telling them about what a nice city Quebec City is.

1st Star: Yelling Girl

You’re a die-hard hockey fan, but your SO doesn’t seem all that into it. I know that feel. Its tough. You had to pay for his ticket on the glass, so in total you spent almost $40 for Coyotes tickets. Wowza! And the night of him complaining about being bored and you not paying attention to him paid off when Yak got his game winner right in front of you and you got to show everyone your anger (or exuberance, I can’t tell).

Honorable Mention: Decent Coyotes Fan

In the words of Jay-Z, “Real recognize real and you lookin familiar.”


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