My Favorite Comment Ever

I got a fantastic comment today! It was on my little FJM of the dumbest hockey fan ever. My Favorite Comment comes from kaniac88 from Charlottesville, Virginia. Let’s take a look at it!

Your blog sucks.


But then again, it’s got a long and storied history of sucking, dating all the way back to its foundation in January of this last year.


It’s true! We’ve been sucking for almost two whole months now! But don’t forget how much we sucked all the way back in December 2009 at Blackhawks Down Low! We are pros at sucking!

You should keep making 10 year old South Park references and puffing out your chests.

You are in the right place! If you don’t want us to make shitty South Park references, you’re gonna have a bad time! Hail Satan!

It almost makes up for your complete lack of content and writing ability.

Slight tangent: the best grade I ever got on a writing assignment in school came with the comment “You best writing yet!” I got an A-. Please be sure to read the post where I ranked the shows House of Cards and House of Lies against the International House of Pancakes!

I’m sure you’ll get your dad to beat me up or act like you’re 10 feet tall.

My dad used to have a mustache but now he doesn’t so I don’t know if he is able to beat anyone up anymore.

After all, this is the internet and you guys are even too cool for an “About Us” section. You sure are certified bad asses.

I’m still a few credits short on my diploma for my Bad Ass degree, but let me tell you my ass is pretty bad.

I’ll go ahead and fuck off before you tell me to. It’s about the extent of a reply I’d expect.

Thank you, and please come again! I hope we exceeded your expectations with this response!


One thought on “My Favorite Comment Ever

  1. Head back to Community College to pick up those last few credits. Discounted price compared to a “real” university, but for the same degree! Don’t give up on your dreams!

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