My DIC in a (Mail)box 1

This is our mailbox feature which I said I’d do like a month ago but never got around to. It might become a regular feature. It might not. If you have a question about hockey or anything else in the world (literally anything) send and email to BlackhawksDL at gmail dot com.

@mehaas50 What Hawks player off the bench would have made the best substitute goalie if Emery got injured?

We have to assume here that none of the Hawks skaters have any experience playing goal. My criteria here is pretty much based around a guy who is a bit larger, but not to the point where it hinders his mobility. So with that in mind I’m going with Viktor Stalberg.  Honorable mention goes to Andrew Shaw who would probably be more in the Tim Thomas “scramble all over the fucking place” mold.

@tinao37 What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you enjoy ice cream in the winter? I mean cause wouldn’t it make you colder eating it then. cold outside = cold insides. can’t be good.

I love vanilla.  Vanilla is the most underrated flavor of all time.  Vanilla doesn’t get any respect.  People think its plain and bland, but those people are wrong. Next time you get vanilla ice cream, pay no mind to the whiteness. Close your eyes and eat it and savor that awesome vanilla flavor.

I eat ice cream year round.  I mean I’m not going around outside eating ice cream when its 10 below, but I can still eat it from the comfort of my home.  I’m planning on going to Rainbow Cone this weekend despite the high temps to be around 45. If you have never been to Rainbow Cone, you haven’t lived.

Fucking. Amazing.

@tinao37 againYou are out at a bar drinking and Burish accidentally bumps you, what do you do?

The first thing you should do if you ever make contact with Adam Burish is to go get a shot of penicillin. If you are a female, you should also grab a pregnancy test while you’re there.

My brother DanRajon Rondo’s Connect Four playing ability has been highlighted recently. Who are some NHLers you can see as being good at certain board games?

Scrabble: As we saw on 24/7, Craig Adams of the Penguins is quite the reader.  I imagine his vocabulary is pretty sizable, since he was reading War & Peace. The dude also went to Harvard.

Monopoly: I tend to be pretty good at Monopoly. The best way to win is to be able to con your opponents, lie to them, make them think you’re giving them a good deal, and then crush them and take all their money. Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs would be the best Monopoly player.

Risk: I can just picture Jonathan Toews with his uber serious stare, looking over a Risk board. He calculates every move and is always anticipating his opponent’s strategy. He leads his men to world dominance.

Dan again: Jose Canseco has recently talked about his desire to run for mayor of Toronto. What athlete/celebrity would you most like to have run for mayor of Chicago and why?

Patrick Sharp is the only guy on the Blackhawks who I could see as a politician.  He’s got the good looks, college education, likable personality. He would dominate the female demographics. He’s got my vote.


One thought on “My DIC in a (Mail)box 1

  1. RE: Vanilla ice cream: If it’s Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream, I’d murder a fucking hobo to get it. Best. Ice cream. Ever. Also, in regards to Rainbow Cone, you can eat that at anytime and it’s okay. And if you don’t think pistachio is the best ice cream in the Rainbow Cone, go to hell.

    mmmmmmm iced cream

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