Non-Hockey: “House Of” Power Rankings

But Andrew, this is a hockey blog. Shut up. This is MY hockey blog and I’ll write about what I please.

I started watching the new TV show House of Cards on Netflix this week.  In short, it is awesome. Kevin Spacey plays a US Rep from South Carolina who sounds like Lotso from Toy Story 3.  I highly suggest you watch it and then email me so we can talk about it.

Talking to my friend Dan about it last night got me thinking also about the terrible, awful, dreadful show House of Lies, which stars the wonderful, amazing, fantastic Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle, simply because they both have “House of” in the title.  I decided that I would rank everything that is “House Of”.

The “House Of” Power Rankings

  1. House of Cards
  2. House of Pancakes, International
  3. House of the Rising Sun
  4. House of Blues, Chicago
  5. House of Lies

It is known.