Looks Like That Clown at the Denver Post is at it Again

Pictured: The XXXtreme 90’s logo that the Clown from the Denver Post stood on.

Noted Fresh & Honest Denver Post “Journalist” Mark Kiszla is at it again, folks.

Few things here.

1: Good for you Greg Zanon, ye wearer of the most majestic of beards. While I think that the whole “DON’T STAND ON THE LOGO, BRAH” thing is dumb unless you’re a storied franchise (honestly, the Avs are a grey-area team for this in my opinion, but I digress), if that’s your locker room rule, and the journos know it, call that shit out. That’s just being Fresh & Honest if you ask me.

2: Fresh & Honest logic equations: Breaking team rules + getting called out about it = person calling you out is classless. Makes sense. If you’re a buffoon.

3: This is two weeks in a row Mark has made a Fresh & Honest jackass of himself. What will he do for week #3? I have a few ideas:

  • Kick a puppy
  • Make fun of cancer victims
  • Call Blackhawks’ losing streak “monumental”, “historic”, and “totally not bogus, dudes.”
  • Call current league-longest winning streak of the Columbus Blue Jackets (!!!) “truthier” than the Blackhawks bajillion game point streak.
  • Write a post about how Pat Burns should never be allowed in the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Fart into a mason jar, ship it to your grandmother with a note telling her it’s the Scent of Jesus, including explicit instructions to open it and inhale as hard as she can. It has Healing Powers.
  • Continue to call himself Fresh & Honest despite his woeful attempts at being a troll

What do you guys think? How else can Mark make himself look like a Fresh & Honest doofus?