Looks Like That Clown at the Denver Post is at it Again

Pictured: The XXXtreme 90’s logo that the Clown from the Denver Post stood on.

Noted Fresh & Honest Denver Post “Journalist” Mark Kiszla is at it again, folks.

Few things here.

1: Good for you Greg Zanon, ye wearer of the most majestic of beards. While I think that the whole “DON’T STAND ON THE LOGO, BRAH” thing is dumb unless you’re a storied franchise (honestly, the Avs are a grey-area team for this in my opinion, but I digress), if that’s your locker room rule, and the journos know it, call that shit out. That’s just being Fresh & Honest if you ask me.

2: Fresh & Honest logic equations: Breaking team rules + getting called out about it = person calling you out is classless. Makes sense. If you’re a buffoon.

3: This is two weeks in a row Mark has made a Fresh & Honest jackass of himself. What will he do for week #3? I have a few ideas:

  • Kick a puppy
  • Make fun of cancer victims
  • Call Blackhawks’ losing streak “monumental”, “historic”, and “totally not bogus, dudes.”
  • Call current league-longest winning streak of the Columbus Blue Jackets (!!!) “truthier” than the Blackhawks bajillion game point streak.
  • Write a post about how Pat Burns should never be allowed in the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Fart into a mason jar, ship it to your grandmother with a note telling her it’s the Scent of Jesus, including explicit instructions to open it and inhale as hard as she can. It has Healing Powers.
  • Continue to call himself Fresh & Honest despite his woeful attempts at being a troll

What do you guys think? How else can Mark make himself look like a Fresh & Honest doofus?


Denver Post “Journalist” has Grade 9,000 Case of Butthurt

Here’s the link, and I’ll just take some pieces of this “article” apart: http://www.denverpost.com/lunchspecial/ci_22747907/dear-avs-please-end-this-bogus-winning-streak

The most bogus “winning” streak in the history of American sports has rolled into Denver.

Yep, even if you take out the charity point, the Hawks have only won ELEVEN games in a row. Totally bogus.

And the Colorado Avalanche is just the team to put an end to it, by beating the Chicago Blackhawks.

I’m serious.

On both counts.

Just as serious as ROR is about playing in Colorado, right?

But let’s keep it real:The Miami Heat winning 16 straight NBA gamesis without doubt a greater achievement than the Blackhawks’ bogus streak.

Why? Well, for starters, the Heat’s streak isn’t the result of creative accounting. Miami plays, gets a W, moves on.

The Hawks lost two games in a row to Minnesota and Vancouver before the NHL season was two weeks old. But they got a point because the losses were in shootouts. What?

The 30 game streak is a “point” streak, not a win streak. Yet, as I stated earlier, ELEVEN wins in a row. And you better be careful about picking on the charity point. Those are probably your best bet to get in the playoffs there, bub.

The three-point game in the NHL is a joke. I wouldn’t mind if all games were worth three points. Three for a win in regulation. Two for a win in overtime. One for a loss in overtime.

But the way the NHL updates the standings is resume padding, plain and simple. The Blackhawks are the beneficiary.

While I agree with first sentence, the Blackhawks are hardly the beneficiary of the charity point. They’ve gotten three, count ’em, three charity points out of their…checks “padded” standings…45 points. Okay, we’ll take those three points away, and let you guys keep yours. We’re still…checks “non-padded” standings…22 points ahead of you. Also, we have more wins (21) than you have points (20).

But, please, let the Avs end this malarkey.

With Gabe Landeskog healthy, Ryan O’Reilly back in the foldand steady goaltending, the Avs have shown signs of life. Colorado outplayed Chicago in the Hawks’ barn for much of Wednesday evening,only to lose 3-2.

Yeah, and then this happened lol:

Pictured: Carcillo instilling some major butthurt in Colorado.

Somebody has to put this bogus streak to an end.

It might as well be the Avalanche.

It might has well be a drunken monkey too. But it probably won’t be.