Media Failure: Questioning the Jonathan Toews Fight

Pictured: What you want your recently concussed captain NOT doing.

Friday night, when the Blackhawks continued their franchise-record (and sneaking up on the NHL record) streak of no regulation losses by dispatching the Sharks 4-1 with ease, Jonathan Toews initiated a fight with Joe Thornton. The reasons for Toews fighting has already been covered elsewhere, but I want to address the media in regards to this.

Just what the fuck are you doing? Here’s a fantastic chance for you to try to shine some light on concussion issues in the NHL with one of the League’s premier players. What do you do? Ask him about how he sparked the team. Ask him about how it helped fire up the crowd. All the other simple bullshit narratives instead of hard hitting questions.

How can you not ask Toews about his concussion history in this situation? Or question his decision making? I’m the absolute biggest Toews fan there is, ask anyone that knows me. But that was flat out DUMB. I’m not even talking from a hockey strategy perspective (it was dumb that way too, but I kinda get it), but just from a health and well-being standpoint. “Jonathan, why get into a fight with a much more experienced fighter when you have had concussion problems?”

You know what would happen then? Toews would do what EVERY hockey player would. I can almost script it. “You know, you don’t think about those things on the ice. The emotions and intensity and the drive to do what’s right for your teammates and your club take precedence. I thought it would motivate the team and help push us to a win. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision, but it worked out.”

Even at this point, I know the media would fail to follow up on that and instead continue to fellate Toews’ bravery and captain-ness. Why not follow that up with “Don’t you think your teammates would be better served with their captain on the ice instead of in the penalty box, and potentially on the LTIR or worse?”

But that would get my credentials taken away, wouldn’t it? Well, clearly team credentials > journalistic integrity. Got it.