Enjoy Meeting a Couple of DIC’s


Yes, you meathead, DIC = Dry Island Castaways, the name of this here blog. The DIC’s behind this new endeavor are none other than Andrew & Kelly, former editors for Blackhawks Down Low (hilariously, that link still works).

You might be asking yourself why we’d leave Blackhawks Down Low stagnant to start this new site. Because making fun of the Blackhawks is great and all, but we wanted to expand our horizons and make fun of EVERYONE. Also, because we wanted to post what we wanted, when we wanted, with whatever fucking language we wanted. We got sick of having to schedule posts. Bullshit previews that equate to “joke about opponent in headline – funny picture or photoshop of opponent – different joke about opponent – list top scorers and last result for opponent – list current erection causing Hawks and vomit inducing Hawks – LET’S GO HAWKS.” Wrap ups that take away our personal enjoyment from watching the games. Yeah, I said it. Fuck you, it’s all about us.

But most importantly, we wanted to be independent, do our own thing, on our own time, and it’s all about us. You’ll still get the same hilarious and trolly garbage, so don’t worry, there’s something in it for you too, dear Reader.

That said, we’ll be putting up all kind of nonsense, but it’ll be on our terms, so there may be times we don’t update for a week, and there will be times where we have multiple posts for days in a row. So deal with it. We love you all.


A Couple of DIC’s

@KellyIsADIC & @AndrewIsADIC